About Me

Zoe Lakshmi

Hi, I'm Zoe Lakshmi...

Thank you for visiting, here's a little about me and my journey to becoming an artist... 

When David Bowie's doppelganger swaggered into my classroom (aka my new pottery teacher) my love for ceramics began. Gazing over the glazes I would dreamily romanticise about having my very own studio one day. Little did I know at the time that I would make this 'Moonage Daydream' come true, albeit some 20 years later!
Meanwhile, a career in Creative Media ensued, interspersed with wild, wonderful worldwide travels, until baby number one burst forth and I arose as Earth Mother! By the time baby number two came along I was living by the beach, knee deep in arts and crafts and hands deep into willing clients with Shiatsu & Angelic Reiki. 
Loving the visceral connection of working with my hands, a passion for up-cycling vintage furniture, painting and creating adornments for the home, the 'Moonage Daydream' came flooding back. Pottery lessons were booked, I was hooked, my ceramics journey continued and Angel Beach Boutique was born...
Embracing my creativity, I immersed myself in the art world. My work was swiftly accepted by galleries, exhibiting across Brighton, Hove, Sussex and internationally. New connections led me to running and working in a number of galleries plus taking part in the Brighton Artists Open Houses Festival every year. 
Which brings me to the now, taking each new day as it comes, inspired by the wonders of the universe, the flow of energy & interconnectedness between all things, as each unique life path reveals itself...
"I have arrived, I am home, my destination is in each step" Thich Nhat Hanh
All of my work evolves with love, care, passion and connection, letting the creations flow through me. My wish is that the recipients of my work are bestowed with the love and peace I imbibe and impart during their creation.
With Love
Zoe Lakshmi x